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More pixels

I joined the Pixelation Forum and it’s a great place to learn. Here’s a little screen sample I’m working on right now, which has improved a lot thanks to Decroded’s comments from there. 

He’s also pointed me to a great read on how to make side scrollers tiles more readable, as demonstrated by Metroid Fusion tiles. Very good!


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Featured: The Astonishing Captain Skull

Hey guys!

First I’d like to share a stop motion game which was introduced to me at the Unconference by Eli Brody (cool stuff Eli!)

It’s a quest, pretty funny but confusing. You can give it a try here

And if you’re really very interested, there’s an interview with the guy you can read here


Anyway, back to iPollute: We’ve finally got a working version on the iPad/iPhone. I’m more excited than I’d thought, it’s fun seeing it work after so long 🙂

iPollute on iPad

And in the meanwhile I’ve been working on our company’s logo and I really need some opinions, got mostly myself to argue with. So please vote on your favorite or if you think they’re all crap that’s good too. (well not for me, but I better know now)


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So in getting ready for my lecture at the Unconference this Friday, I came across some cool stuff.

First, there’s an impressive stop motion game being made out there, and it looks pretty sweet too. It has already been nominated for a prize at the IGF (Excellence in Visual Arts). Cletus Clay: 


And some more fun Stop Motion stuff: take a look at this human TETRIS video:


As for studio works, we’re settling on Crafty Arcade for our studio name. Ah we’ve been through so many! I hope it sticks cause then I get to make another logo yay

Also we’re finally seeing some good results on the Corona build of the game, Avishay is working real hard breaking it down and rebuilding it. So should have a working prototype running on the iPad by next week (if Apple won’t take too long continuing our developer program… gah)

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Pokemon Clones

It’s shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are so many Pokemon clones now… but I had no clue. They’re everywhere. Facebook is flooded… The ones I noticed are decent enough are Miscrits (best gameplay), Terra Monsters (real multiplayer) and Galaxy Monsters (gorgeous graphics). They all have their problems, but they’re still impressive. 

And the iPhone is as well. Morphs, Mighty Monsters are pretty close ones. and Galaxy Monsters have their own version there too. 

Who cares, you ask? Well, obviously I’ve loved the Pokemon games and I want to make something in the spirit. So I need to see what’s been done, good or bad. I know I want it to be simpler, smaller and sweeter. I call it, the triple S.

I want to make it action-focused, with meaningful story, where the player’s impact is felt. Give variety to explore, but avoid the mumble jumble. No girding, no point you get stuck at.

And of course it need to be as gorgeous in both sound and art as Bastion. duh.


GUI art

We’ve finally got a logo for the game. Currently there are two versions – one vectoric and one in plasticine. We’d probably use both, one for the game animation and the other for the marketing and so. Your thoughts?

So aside from that, I’ve squashed all the buttons! Ah that was fun. Here’s a taste of that…

And worked on more GUI items:


Time to Squish

First set of icons ready. Next I’ll be squishing them. Press the button, yay!
I noticed there’s a shameless Pokemon clone (Terra Monsters) on facebook? It’s live like an MMO, so you can see random facebook players around, but terrible gameplay. I bet it’s not the only one…

Ugh Nintendo, you can still make so much money off Pokemon if you just came out with something good…